Green Products: Bamboo and Cork

Green Flooring Options for Your Home: The Benefits of Cork and Bamboo Flooring

As an increasing number of people become concerned with the environment, there is a rise in the
number of green building materials available on the market. Homeowners can choose to buy appliances that are energy efficient, and it is not uncommon for shoppers to question the healthiness of their paints and sealants before using them in a building project. One of the biggest ways to embrace environmentally friendly building materials is to opt for green flooring from Empire Flooring. They sell both cork and bamboo flooring, which are some of the best ptions for the environment. Here are some of the reasons to choose green flooring materials as well as the benefits of cork and bamboo floors in your own home.

Benefits of Bamboo Flooring

Since bamboo grows incredibly quickly, it is a smart choice for flooring. Most bamboo is commercially grown in Asia, and it requires little in the way of fertilizers or pesticides in order to reach maturity. Its availability makes it affordable compared to many types of hardwood, and its fast regrowth means that it is also an environmentally conscious decision. The real reason that so many people choose bamboo for their floors, however, has to do with the fact that this material is easy to clean, durable and stylish. Sweeping and mopping is typically enough to keep bamboo floors looking great, and its water resistance means that spills are less of an issue than with other materials. The natural look also works well in many different kinds of spaces, and it has become incredibly trendy in recent years.

Benefits of Cork Flooring
Cork flooring is a popular choice for homes around the world, but it is growing increasingly common in the United States thanks to its durability, safety benefits, comfort and practicality. When you place furniture on cork flooring, the indentation is temporary. Lift off the furniture, and you will see the cork flooring spring back to life in its original position. Cork is also fire- resistant, and it emits very few toxins or smoke when it does burn. Since cork is the same color throughout, you will never have to worry about the top color or layer being removed. This means that cork can have a much longer life than similarly priced flooring alternatives like vinyl. A final benefit of cork flooring is that it is healthy for residents in your home. It naturally resists things like termites and mold, which makes the air quality better for those who suffer from asthma or allergies.

Whether you choose to install bamboo or cork flooring in your home, you will be helping the
planet by choosing a rapidly renewable resource as a building material. If you are truly
concerned about the planet, however, remember to use environmentally friendly sub-flooring,
adhesives and stains as well. You can easily create a stylish room that manages to be healthy for residents, is great for the planet and fits within your budget when you opt for cork and bamboo flooring from Empire Flooring.