Bamboo & Cork Flooring from Empire Today

Bamboo Flooring from Empire Today

Choose Bamboo Flooring for Eco-Chic Entertaining

As our society progresses in technological advances, we are becoming conscious of the impact of human-kind on our planet. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the footprint they leave and are making more environmentally-friendly decisions. Empire Today has always been focused on customer satisfaction and has introduced a line of eco-friendly and sustainable décor options. Empire Flooring is now the premium choice for homeowners that want to impress their guests with not only their style, but their consideration for the planet. Empire Today is excited to offer the addition of bamboo and cork flooring into their wide selection of carpet and flooring options.

Some of the most sustainable products we carry at Empire Today® are our beautiful eco-friendly floors made from bamboo and cork. Using managed natural resources that are rapidly renewable, they’re a healthy, environmentally responsible choice for your rooms. In addition to their natural good looks, both bamboo and cork are extremely durable. Discover a beautiful selection of eco-friendly bamboo and cork options at Empire Today.

Bamboo Flooring From Empire Today

Bamboo Kitchen FlooringBamboo is an eco-friendly favorite when it comes to flooring and Empire Today offers three types of Bamboo to choose from: traditional, strand-woven and hand-scraped. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource that produces 35%* more oxygen than an equivalent oak tree. And surprisingly, it’s just as durable as oak hardwood, maybe even more durable, so it’s perfect for today’s active lifestyles. Bamboo’s unique organic appearance adds natural beauty to any room. Plus, it meets the California Air Resource Board standards.

  • Rapidly renewable resource
  • As durable as oak hardwood
  • Available in three types of bamboo

Bamboo is more than a rapidly renewable resource. It has a unique, modern beauty with strength that rivals hardwood. No wonder “bamboo” is the biggest buzzword in the home design industry.

Most homeowners, even if they prefer to use green building materials, wouldn’t dream of sacrificing durability and functionality. Happily, Empire Today’s bamboo flooring delivers on all fronts. Bamboo is, in fact, harder than hardwood, making it a reliably tough material for most rooms. As a bonus, few materials are easier to maintain than bamboo. It’s easy to clean with a simple dust mop, and does not attract dust or dust mites – making it particularly well-suited for allergy sufferers. Usually, homeowners can skip mops and buckets in favor of a simple damp cloth. The need for fewer harsh cleaning products is welcome news for health-savvy homeowners. Bamboo flooring from Empire Today truly is great for the earth, homes, and the people who live in them.