Empire Flooring Tips for Hardwood Floors

Your new hardwood floors from Empire Today will glow with the warm tone and texture that only comes from beautiful real wood. Whether you’ve chosen a domestic variety of Empire Flooring like oak, maple, hickory or cherry, or an exotic hardwood such as Tigerwood or Brazilian Cherry, Empire flooring will be sure to give your room a clean, inviting look. With options including dark rich stains, beveled edges, hand-scraped styles with their unique distressed appearance, high gloss finishes and the new wider planks, you can further customize your look. Your new hardwood floors will bring a whole new feeling to your home. And they’ll add value too. Hardwood flooring is a classic feature that never goes out of style.

At Empire Today, we understand that any flooring purchase is an investment you want to protect. Proper care of your Hardwood floors will help maintain their beauty to bring you years of enjoyment and help them keep their value. Because all Empire Flooring products come from quality, name-brand manufacturers, you will receive detailed care and cleaning instructions with your purchase. In addition to the specifics available for your particular flooring product, you can use these general care and cleaning suggestions for any hardwood floor to keep it looking its best for years to come, regardless of whether your flooring is solid or engineered wood.

  • Sweep or vacuum your floor frequently with a soft, non-scratch broom or vacuum cleaner attachment made specifically for hard surface floors. If you have throw rugs or area carpets over you hard surface floors, keep them free of dust and dirt as well.
  • Use floor protectors under the legs of heavy furniture. They will help keep the furniture in place and protect your floors from scratches.
  • When moving furniture, don’t drag it over a bare floor.
  • Place doormats and rugs at your entrances to cut down on dirt tracked onto the floor from outside.
  • As always, refer to your product information to make sure of the guidelines for keeping your floors beautiful, clean, and long-lasting.