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Empire Today has been a trusted provider of quality flooring for decades, serving over one million customers across America. An expert in flooring, Empire Today has pulled together some of its best advice and resources for flooring decisions for customers. Please explore the following articles that highlight key information regarding flooring products.

Empire Carpet Ceramic Flooring

For a Home Up-Do Empire Today Brings Carpet and Flooring to the Rescue

March 28th, 2013

Ready to give your home a face-lift this spring? Whether it’s incorporating a dash of color, adding new design aesthetics or creating cozy indoor-outdoor spaces, Empire Today experts can help with the selection and installation of quality, Empire Flooring and Empire Carpet styles.

There are many styles of Empire Carpet, based on design aesthetics and budget. Whether it’s Berber, Plush, Wool or Texture, Empire Today offers quality, brand-names of Empire Carpet styles that are sure to fit with your requirements. To learn more, visit www.empirecarpet-flooring.com.

Home Improvements Made Easy & Convenient With Empire Today

March 21st, 2013

Are you scared of how long home improvement projects take? Take on the challenge on your next home improvement project with Empire Today by your side. The process is easy. You can schedule a FREE In-Home Estimate online and one of our qualified Sales Representatives will bring a variety of samples right to your home and help you match them with your décor. And, during the same appointment, they will measure and provide you with a fully installed price for your home improvements.

Next is professional installation where for many of Empire Carpet and Empire Flooring products is made possible even Next-Day. With Empire Today home improvements are easy and you can rely knowing that the experts in the home-improvement industry are taking care of you carpet and flooring needs. To schedule today, visit www.empirecarpet-home-ideas.com.

Cork Flooring by Empire Today – It’s Renewable and Durable

March 11th, 2013

For an eco-friendly flooring option that reduces noise and rates high in durability, consider Cork Flooring by Empire Today. Cork comes from the bark of a tree, which is a sustainable material harvested every few years. The tree is not destroyed during the manufacturing process but is allowed to regenerate new bark that can be harvested on a continuous basis.

This eco-friendly Empire Flooring has a warm look and is comfortable underfoot. It reduces noise levels making a great option for high-traffic or high-activity rooms. For more information and to see samples in the comfort of your home, call 800-588-2300 and set up a FREE In-Home Estimate with a professional Empire Today Sales Representative.

Time for a New Look for Your Home with Empire Today

March 8th, 2013

Spring is just around the corner… is your home ready for a fresh new look? First start with spring cleaning and get rid of unnecessary items in the home. Then choose the right flooring Empire Carpet and Flooring from Empire Today that fit with the home’s design style.

Current home design trends feature simple and minimalistic living and for the right flooring choose easy to clean and maintain Empire Flooring. Empire Today’s experts can help provide insightful recommendation on the type of Empire Flooring that is best for the area of the home. To schedule a FREE In-Home Estimate, visit empiretoday.com.

Empire Floors and Carpet Make Homes Family Friendly

March 5th, 2013

For every room there is a perfect floor or carpet. Choosing it depends on a mixture of personal taste and lifestyle demands. Nothing influences these factors more than family, and no one accommodates them like Empire Today.

Active families often demand more performance from their Empire floors and carpet. Heavy foot traffic, and the spills that are just part of living with children ensure that durability will be a strong determining factor in choosing carpet or floors. Sturdy options like Hardwood Laminate Flooring, or Cork Flooring will provide exceptional aesthetics and strength in most rooms. Meanwhile, careful craftsmanship and fast installation ensure that homeowners’ busy schedules can keep flowing. Learn more about the family-friendly service and selection from Empire Today at www.empirecarpet-home-ideas.com.

Ultra-Light, Ultra-Tough: Empire Today’s Bamboo Flooring

February 26th, 2013

When people think of Bamboo Flooring from Empire Today, they often envision the clean look of their local yoga studio. While Bamboo Flooring is indeed a green option that’s great for fitness rooms, it’s also an excellent choice for living rooms, dining rooms and more.

Bamboo is a sustainable material that is replenished rapidly, eliminating the need to destroy natural resources. While most homeowners are familiar with its green reputation, many are pleasantly surprised to discover that it is even stronger than many hardwoods. Ultra-light, but ultra-tough, Bamboo Flooring gives rooms a buoyantly fresh appearance while standing up to heavy use with aplomb. Learn more about it at www.empirecarpet-home-ideas.com.

Porcelain Tile Flooring From Empire Today Will Give Bathrooms A New Life

February 21st, 2013

Redecorating a bathroom can be a hard job, but a very rewarding one. After all, the bathroom is where most people start their day. Having a bright, clean, new-feeling bathroom to shower and freshen up in can have a positive impact that lasts throughout the day. When redecorating a bathroom, optimize the floor for maximum beauty by installing Porcelain Tile Flooring from Empire Today.

Porcelain Tile Flooring is available from Empire Flooring in a wide range of tile types, colors, textures and sizes. One of Porcelain Tile’s best features is its impervious construction, which makes it extremely resistant to moisture and extremes in temperature. Once Porcelain Tile floor is installed in a bathroom, it can be counted on to last a long, long time. To schedule an in-home appointment to select just the right Porcelain Tile Flooring for any bathroom, visit www.empirecarpet-home-ideas.com.

Empire Flooring Eco Recycling: Fuel for Fashion

February 19th, 2013

Empire Flooring Eco Recycling and Empire Carpet Eco Recycling make it easy for homeowners to do their part in saving the environment. More than just keeping waste out of landfills, these programs help America to reduce its dependence on foreign oil, and cut down toxic emissions. Thanks to benefits like these, installing Empire Flooring in a home or business is an act of both sustainability and patriotism.

Empire Today’s commitment to improving our planet is ambitious, and it’s yielding impressive results. For every ten million pounds of waste that’s kept out of landfills, 1,594,653 gallons of gas are saved. Plus over 79 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions are avoided − good news for the ozone and for keeping our planet cool. Tangible improvements like this allow homeowners to savor the joy of a beautiful home, and the satisfaction of building a better world. Learn more about the gorgeously green benefits of Empire Flooring Eco Recycling at www.empirecarpet-eco-recycling.com.

Small Scale Upscale: B-&-B’s Get Panache with Empire Flooring Commercial

February 8th, 2013

Bed and Breakfasts are an American tradition, and many travelers prefer their intimate, service-oriented atmosphere to chain hotels. Unfortunately, many Bed and Breakfasts have allowed their décor to fall into the same rut of dated floral wallpaper, and garish bric-a-brac. By simply updating their businesses with Empire Flooring Commercial, many of these businesses would attract a new generation of loyal customers.

Today’s décor favors airiness, and harmonious color schemes. Incorporating natural materials within a modern setting lends a sense of warmth that guests find particularly soothing. Cozy bed-n-breakfasts can remain intimate, while shedding visual clutter in favor of soft, solid wall colors, and more focused wall art and furnishings. Meanwhile, the natural beauty of Ceramic Tile Flooring in the baths, and Exotic Hardwood Flooring in common areas lends quiet sophistication to the space. By strategically using Empire Flooring Commercial products to renew the look of any professional space, results in satisfied and loyal clients. Discover how Empire Carpet Commercial and Empire Flooring Commercial can bring the b-n-b tradition to a whole new generation at www.empirecarpet-home-ideas.com.

Vinyl Flooring for Sensibly Stylish Kitchens

January 21st, 2013

Vinyl Flooring has never gotten the credit it deserves. This Empire Flooring is head and shoulders above its predecessors, offering unexpected functional benefits that are gentle on pocketbooks. Most importantly, it meets all the exceedingly high quality standards of Empire Carpet and Empire Flooring, so homeowners can choose it with complete confidence.

Vinyl Flooring is the Empire Flooring of choice when speedy installation and frugality are top priorities. Vinyl Flooring provides a uniquely cushioned surface that gently pads every footfall, increasing comfort while decreasing noise. All of these benefits are present whether a homeowner chooses this floor covering in styles that emulate other, pricier materials or a style that showcase the versatility of vinyl via uniquely colorful patterns. Dream big for your next home project – for additional tips, please visit www.empirecarpet-home-ideas.com.

Laminate Flooring Gives Bathrooms a Cosmopolitan Update

January 19th, 2013

Nothing makes a bathroom look dingier than an old floor. In the worst situations, moisture causes the edges to curl up, split and discolor. Once that happens, no amount of scrubbing will solve the issue. It’s time for new Empire Flooring to bring the bathroom up to date.

Getting a designer quality bathroom is easy on the budget as well as discerning eyes with the aid of Empire Flooring in Laminate Flooring. Laminate Flooring manages to dazzle whether chosen in wood or ceramic looks. Both have realistic details like textured wood grain and true-to-life grout lines. The resulting clean, contemporary look will thrill every occupant of the house. Get more tips for using Empire Carpet and Empire Flooring in your home at www.empirecarpet-flooring.com.

Hardwood Flooring Gets Cozy in Trendy Bedrooms

January 17th, 2013

Despite its slick surface, Hardwood Flooring makes a cozy addition to smartly styled bedrooms. With lush fabrics, comforting furnishings and the right Empire Flooring, the look of this all-important space can achieve the splendor it deserves.

At the top of homeowner’s priorities is the need for relaxation in the bedroom. Investing in heirloom quality linens, a soothing color scheme and Empire Flooring gets the job done gracefully. To top it all off, the effect of contrasting high pile throw rugs with stately Hardwood Flooring results in a deftly crafted blend of contemporary design sense with nurturing tactile delights. Find more Empire Flooring trends at www.empirecarpet-flooring.com.

Empire Flooring in Ceramic Tile for the Ultimate Rustic Chic Living Room

January 11th, 2013

Designers have fallen in love with rustic touches that bridge the gap between indoors and out. The look is rustic, raw and textural. Empire Flooring and Empire Carpet are the ideal complements for this edgy look.

The obvious choice for rustic-themed rooms is hardwood. However, adventurous homeowners are discovering the ability of Ceramic Tile Flooring to really make these spaces shine. The pairing of distressed wood with stone colored Ceramic Tile is the apex of artfully working with contrasting materials. Find more Empire Flooring tips at www.empirecarpet-flooring.com.

Rediscover the Vivacity of Vinyl Empire Flooring

January 9th, 2013

Vinyl Flooring is the workhorse in the Empire Flooring family of products. It is the ultimate realization of frugality, flexibility and stylistic expression. There is truly no limit to the variety of styles and colors available in this favorite of designers and homeowners alike.

With Vinyl Flooring, homeowners are no longer restricted to uniform wood grains, or repetitive patterns. In vinyl, a kaleidoscope of textures, patterns, and color is available, making it possible to express any aesthetic. Furthermore, thanks to innovative new installation methodology, Vinyl Flooring masks noises, cushions foot falls, and attains unbelievable resiliency. Take a fresh look at new Empire Flooring and Empire Carpet tips at www.empirecarpet-flooring.com.

Framing Spaces with Empire Carpet and Hardwood Flooring

January 4th, 2013

In well-designed homes, floor coverings do more than add color to a room. Empire Carpet and Empire Flooring give homeowners crucial tools for defining their space. With color and varying texture, floors become subtle frames for each room, and the spaces within the rooms themselves.

An exceptional example of using Empire Carpet and Empire Flooring as space framing devices can be found in rooms large enough to feature split levels. For example, an open area that serves as a combined dining and living area is well served by contrasting carpeted areas next to Hardwood Flooring. Without need for walls, the space around a stunning dining room table is beautifully framed, giving it a sense of spatial separation that makes it feel special. Get more Empire Flooring tips at www.empirecarpet-flooring.com.

Southwestern Charm and Empire Flooring in Ceramic

January 2nd, 2013

A revived interest in folk art has led to a new trend in home decor. Designers have fallen head over heels for the Native American influenced style of the Southwest. Vivid natural dyes and ancient patterns embolden textiles, and stucco textured walls recall faraway destinations. For this airy, sun-drenched genre, Empire Flooring enhances like no other.

Ceramic Tile Flooring is a natural within a Southwestern motif. Terra Cotta colors or warm granite patterns serve to reinforce all that appeals to the eye − the warmth, the texture, the liveliness of decor that is uniquely American in origin. Get more tips for Empire Flooring and Empire Carpet in your home at www.empirecarpet-flooring.com.

Redecorate Recreation Rooms With Empire Flooring

December 26th, 2012

Many homeowners entertain dreams of bringing their families closer together. When they rejuvenate the look of a basement space or spare room to create a recreation room, family game nights become a great way to foster more closeness. A great game room should feel casual but inviting. Although there are many excellent carpet options, Empire Flooring in Laminate Flooring or Vinyl Flooring provide for particularly easy clean ups, making game rooms more likely to be used on a frequent basis.

Homeowners can discover their style by scheduling a FREE In-Home Estimate. A part of Empire Today’s signature commitment to superior service, the in-home shopping experience makes it easy to view samples of everything from Pergo to Vinyl Flooring. With expert guidance from Empire Today salespeople, and the benefit of seeing samples of their new flooring in their homes, homeowners can confidently choose the best colors and materials for their busy lives. Schedule an appointment by visiting www.empirecarpet-flooring.com.

Think Out of the Box with Empire Flooring and Carpet

December 26th, 2012

Mixing materials in unexpected ways is part of the fun and excitement of redecorating. The element of surprise infuses a room with energy and visual interest. Empire Flooring and Empire Carpet are two crucial tools for making this design strategy work in thrilling new ways.

Empire Carpet in Frieze Carpet is a favorite among homeowners who desire a more creative style of decor. It has a comfortably casual looped texture reminiscent of shag. This extremely textural surface is a gorgeous accompaniment to mid-century modern style furnishings, or contemporary artwork. Use it when you want to make a statement that won’t soon be forgotten. Get more Empire Carpet and Empire Flooring tips at www.empirecarpet-products.com.

Peace on Every Level with Empire Carpet

December 22nd, 2012

Sometimes serenity comes from simply knowing that the little things are taken care of. Other times, it comes from being surrounded by beauty and comfort. Empire Carpet offers all of these things in classically elegant Berber Carpet.

Berber Carpet takes the worry out of enjoying one’s home fully, as it disguises discolorations and repels stains that are part of life. Homeowners rest easier knowing that no matter who visits, their new Empire Carpet will remain beautiful for years to come. Berber Carpet should be chosen whenever durability in high traffic is a concern, but lush style is a desire. Find more Empire Carpet and Empire Flooring tips at www.empirecarpet-products.com.

Empire Flooring In Classic Hardwood: Stylish Chameleon

December 20th, 2012

Trends in home décor can change overnight. Many homeowners find their tastes changing constantly. One year they may favor minimalist lines, and another year, they may find themselves smitten with ornate retro glamour. For homeowners whose tastes seem to be reborn every season, Empire Today’s Hardwood Flooring is the most versatile choice under the sun.

If one’s tastes are currently leaning in a rustic direction, the natural wood grain in Domestic Hardwood Flooring is a perfect complement to other natural materials, cozy fabrics, and earthy hues. Should that same design-conscious homeowner suddenly be smitten by a more futuristic style, hardwood can make the transition seamlessly. Suddenly, its deep color and smooth, polished finish is the perfect companion to clean lines, sharp angles, and a serene neutral palette.

No matter what one’s style may be, Empire Flooring can harmonize and elevate the look of any room. Discover the versatility of Domestic Hardwood Flooring by visiting www.empirecarpet-flooring.com.

Empire Flooring: Ceramic Tile Flooring Brings Luxury Home

December 12th, 2012

The time a person spends getting ready in the morning can set the tone for their entire day. For this reason, a gorgeously appointed bathroom can lift one’s mood and make even the tiniest bathroom seem like a haven. All a homeowner needs to create an in-home oasis are deliciously fluffy towels, a soft robe, and the beauty of Empire Flooring. Empire Today offers a thrilling selection of stunning Ceramic Tile Flooring that can take any bathroom from mundane to magnificent within just days.

The classic appeal of Ceramic Tile Flooring merges beauty and strength while adding value to your home. Due to its superb wear and performance, Empire Flooring is suitable for virtually any room in the house and can be expected to maintain its stately visual appeal for years to come. During a free In-Home Estimate, homeowners can see the power of Ceramic Tile Flooring to transform their bathroom into a room that looks refined and feels refreshing under foot. An Empire Today Sales Representative will help them to select a perfect match from the samples they bring right to the home. Inviting elegance into the home has simply never been easier. Schedule your FREE In-Home Estimate by visiting www.empirecarpet-flooring.com.

Wood Laminate Flooring From Empire Today: The Beauty Of Wood… Anywhere

December 9th, 2012

It can safely be said that life is full of difficult choices. Until now, many homeowners would find themselves torn between their love of hardwood floors and the need for a floor material that could withstand anything- even moisture. With stylish, sensible Empire Flooring, homeowners have a solution that satisfies both needs. Empire Today offers Wood Laminate Flooring that looks so much like the real thing, that even the most discriminating eye is cast under its spell.

Empire Today’s Wood Laminate Flooring is one tough cookie. It can weather household activity while resisting scratching, denting and other signs of use. Moreover, with Wood Laminate Flooring, homeowners can bring the clean, natural look of hardwood into rooms where moisture might other wise be prohibitive. Empire Today even offers a topical water warranty, providing homeowners with total peace of mind. Find the Empire Flooring that matches your lifestyle to a tee when you schedule a Free Home Estimate at www.empirecarpet-flooring.com.

Empire Today’s Vinyl Flooring For A Style Update At The Speed Of Life

December 5th, 2012

When homeowners realize a room needs a makeover, their fresh ideas merit quick action. For ease, durability, and a quick style update, nothing beats Vinyl Flooring. Empire Flooring offers Vinyl flooring that emulates the sophisticated visuals of ceramic or hardwood, but the functional details below the surface are what really amaze happy home decorators. As with anything of value, true beauty is more than skin deep.

Under the fetching exterior of Empire Flooring, homeowners are treated to Empire’s revolutionary 5-layer Flex Floor construction. Deep layers provide a quiet, cushioned surface. A fiberglass layer protects against cracking and curling. Another foam layer shields the surface from dents. The top layers give Empire Flooring an appealing shine, while making clean up a breeze. Homeowners who choose Vinyl Flooring are rewarded with more than a great looking room. They can rest easy knowing that no matter how hectic life gets, their Empire Flooring will look gorgeous for years to come. Find the Empire Flooring that’s perfect for your home by visiting www.empirecarpet-flooring.com.

Opulence On A Budget With Empire Today’s Ceramic Laminate Flooring

August 1st, 2012
Regal-looking Ceramic floors always bring an element of the opulent into a home’s décor. Unfortunately, until now, the strength and beauty of ceramic and stone were accompanied by a commensurate price tag. Empire Today believes that when homeowners choose Empire Flooring, they deserve to have it all. That’s why they offer budget conscious homeowners Ceramic Laminate Flooring.

Ceramic Laminate Flooring is an easy-to-care-for option in any room. Resistant to scratches, dents, and even the perils of moisture, it’s an ideal choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Homeowners are consistently impressed by the realistic visual and textural details of Empire Flooring. Ceramic Laminate Flooring has ridges and grooves that emulate the tactile qualities of its more expensive counterpart. Whether a homeowner likes the cool, austerity of slate, or the gently swirling colors of warm hued granite, Empire Flooring come in so many colors, they’re sure to find a match. Empire Today provides Free In-Home Estimates so that they can see up close just how beautifully Empire Flooring will enhance the ambiance of their homes. Learn more about Empire Flooring by visiting www.empiretoday.com.

Empire Flooring In Domestic Hardwood: Superior Style In A Classic Material

August 23rd, 2012
The classic appeal of Domestic Hardwood Flooring allows homeowners to the harmonious look of rich wood in bedrooms, formal living rooms, dining rooms and more. Whether furnishings showcase modernist style sensibilities or elegant art deco era artifacts, Empire Flooring in hardwood is a timeless choice. Empire floors and carpet have been perennial favorites of homeowners who appreciate classic style. Like Empire Carpet, Empire Flooring has a sterling reputation for quality that makes it a tradition in many homes.

Honey-hued oak captures the color and warmth of midday sunshine, making any room feel cozy even in the middle of the winter. Whether a homeowner’s favorite decorating detail is a priceless Persian rug, or a plush velvet easy chair, Domestic Hardwood Flooring makes a gorgeous backdrop. As always, Empire Floors and Carpet are available in a vast selection of styles and colors to suit any design theme. Learn more about Empire Flooring at empirecarpet-flooring.com.

Empire Flooring In Ceramic Tile Makes Any Day A Spa Day

August 23rd, 2012
It seems that whenever a person most needs a spa day, their life is too crazy to actually partake. Thankfully, Empire Flooring can help frazzled homeowners create an in-home sanctuary that feels as indulgent as a five star spa. Empire floors and carpet have long been homeowners’ first choice when it’s time for a home makeover. Adding the immaculate, refined look of Ceramic or Porcelain Tile Flooring to your bathroom makes it seem like a haven where a simple bubble bath can rejuvenate your soul.

Empire Flooring in ceramic tile is a perfect combination of beauty, grace and strength. So durable that has been used though the centuries indoors and out, Ceramic Tile Flooring feels smooth and reassuring underfoot, even as it stands up to high levels of moisture and heavy traffic. Even with years of use, this Empire Flooring will remain beautiful with regular maintenance. Cleanup is easy, and the extremely dense makeup of ceramic makes it resistant to odors and scratches. Discover the lasting beauty of Ceramic Tile Flooring at http://www.empirecarpet-flooring.com.

Ceramic & Slate Laminate Flooring From Empire Today: Budget-Friendly Elegance

August 30th, 2012
There is no substitute for the pristine visual appeal of ceramic and slate flooring. However, some homeowners want the stately appearance of these materials with both a gentler price tag and added warmth and comfort. For homeowners who want the best of both worlds, Empire Today offers Ceramic and Slate Laminate Flooring.

Empire Flooring is a trusted choice for superior quality, no matter what the cost. Ceramic and Slate Laminate Flooring is no exception. It features incredible attention to detail, including realistic ridges and textures. Yet, a quick waltz across its surface reveals that this Empire Flooring offers more than value. More so than actual ceramic or stone, it cushions each step and feels warmer underfoot on cold winter mornings. A pleasure to walk on, as well as to behold, this is a workhorse worthy of the trusted family of Empire floors and carpet. Learn more about it at http://www.empirecarpet-flooring.com.

Convenience & Quality With Empire Today

October 1st, 2012
For anyone who has experienced the tremendous convenience and quality of buying carpet from Empire Today, it’s only natural to go back to them when it’s time for new floors. After all, whether a dining room renovation calls for pergo floors, or a kitchen makeover needs laminate flooring, Empire Flooring is available in colors and styles that work beautifully.

When shopping for Empire Flooring, homeowners can view samples of everything from hardwood to vinyl offerings in the comfort of their own homes. More than convenience, this gives them the opportunity to view them in true lighting, giving them an accurate idea of how their new carpet will coordinate with their other furnishings. In a world where time is precious, and getting it right the first time is essential, Empire Today makes home renovations easy. Learn more about Empire Flooring and the signature service of Empire Today at www.empiretoday-commercial.com.

Choose Empire Today For Premium Renovations & Functional Floors

October 26th, 2012
Empire Today, legends in the world of carpet, offers an outstanding selection of functional floor materials. Whether sensible homeowners want the sophisticated look of hardwood or ceramic tile, laminate Flooring and vinyl Flooring are available to help them make a style statement that’s on-trend and within their budgets. Both feature thoughtful details that emulate the look and tactile qualities of their more expensive counterparts. Now, no matter how extravagant one’s visions may be, Empire Today can make a dream home improvement project a realistic endeavor.

Laminate Flooring and Vinyl Flooring are both excellent choices when the functional requirements of a room include moisture resistance and the ability to weather heavy foot traffic. Innovative, top tier installation techniques have set Empire Today apart and make these flooring choices ideal when utility and beauty are equally important. Whether you want the latest styles in pergo, or want to review a number of samples to get inspiration, the Empire Today shopping experience will make your home renewal project a stress-free pleasure. Get inspired to rejuvenate the look of your home by visiting www.empirecarpet-flooring.com.

Dream Big On A Sensible Budget With Flooring From Empire Today

October 29th, 2012
An upgrade that makes a home more pleasurable to live shouldn’t cost a fortune. In fact, whether homeowners simply want to update the style of a room, or increase the value of their home, Empire Flooring can help. For those who have a refined sense of style and a talent for frugality, Vinyl Flooring and Laminate Flooring are perennial favorites. Laminate Flooring is prized for an appearance that is virtually indistinguishable from Hardwood Flooring, but which is more tolerant to heavy use and moisture, as well as being gentler on the pocketbook.

Laminate Flooring, often referred to as “Pergo,” an incredibly popular choice among homeowners, especially those who want to bring the look of hardwood into spaces that see heavy use. Kitchens, family rooms, recreation rooms or bedrooms are all excellent candidates for Laminate Flooring. Homeowners can tackle multiple projects when they schedule a FREE In-Home Estimate to view samples of both Empire Flooring and carpet. Finding the carpet or floor that fits your life is a breeze when you visit www.empirecarpet-flooring.com.