Maintenance Tips

Tips and Ideas to Maintain Your Newly Installed Flooring

Once you have your dreams floors from Empire Flooring installed, it is easy to focus on how
attractive they are and think less about what it will take to keep them that way. In order to keep
them looking great for years to come, however, you need to establish a basic cleaning and
maintenance routine. A few minutes each week is often all that it takes to keep carpets, laminate,
ceramic tiles and vinyl in great condition, and it is much easier to take on a small amount weekly

than it is to spend a lot of time later on. Here are some helpful tips for maintaining your newly
installed flooring no matter what material it might be.

Place Mats At All Entrances: The most common way that floors are damaged is not by heavy
objects being dropped on them but by minute scratches across the surface of the hardwood,
laminate, ceramic or vinyl. Small pieces of dust and dirt that work their way inside can scratch
the floors, which in turn leads to problems in the future. To significantly reduce the dirt that
comes in the home, places mats at all entrances. This is an affordable way to instantly keep your
floors looking new for longer.

Place Felt Under Furniture Legs: Moving a heavy sofa just an inch or two in either direction may
not seem like a big deal, but it can actually be scratching your hardwood floors or leaving dents
in your vinyl flooring. The simplest solution is to place felt pads or gliders on the legs of all your
furniture. As a bonus, these will also make moving your furniture much easier.

Always Deal With Stains and Spills Immediately: Although it can be tempting to deal with spills
later on, your floors will fare better if you tackle them right away. Look up how best to treat
stains like red wine, pet urine or coffee on your floors and then be ready to react if necessary.

Avoid Wearing Heels or Cleats in the Home: For some types of flooring, wearing high heels
or athletic field cleats can cause indentations and even permanent dents in the surface. Although
wearing sneakers or loafers is usually not a problem indoors, you may want to consider banning
heels and cleats in order to protect your new floors and keep them looking great.

Trim the Nails of Your Pets: Just like high heels, the nails of your pets can dig into the surface
of the floors and cause damage. Regular clipping should be all you need to reduce the risk of
scratches on your home’s new flooring.

Establish a Regular Cleaning Schedule: Once you have new floors installed in your home, it
is time to create a regular cleaning schedule. With most flooring types, this doesn’t have to be
much. Simply sweeping or vacuuming all surfaces once each week is a great place to start.

These tips are exactly what you need to maintain your brand-new flooring in the home.